Twinkle Playspace

Mon-Fri 10 am – 6 pm
Sat-Sun 8 am –11:30 am
Note: We don't pick up calls after 11:30 am on weekends due to parties

144 Frost Street
BK, NY 718-349-1300

The Twinkle World

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Twinkle’s 4500 square foot play space has innovative custom-made exhibits to cater to any child’s wildest imagination. These special exhibits, designed for the 6 and under crowd, are a harmonious blend of urban life and nature that encourages the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of a child in an accessible, high-quality learning environment. Twinkle hosts open play 7 days a week and children can also have an unforgettable birthday with exclusive use of our playspace! So drift away and enjoy the ride with your child in this magical journey to a world of infinite discoveries and treasured moments.

Twinkle is a socks-only environment so please keep this in mind for children and adults entering the playspace. Parental supervision is required at all times, no drop-offs allowed. Parking is available under the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) which is only a block away from us as well as street parking.

Stardust Tree Fort

DSC00843 (1)
Climb an indoor life-size tree with a suspension bridge and reach for the stars overlooking the magical world of Twinkle. Go for a ride on the Stardust slide and explore the enchantment of this exhibit of wonder.

Red Hot Fire Truck

Become the fire chief of the Red Hot Fire House and have a blazing time! Dress up in firefighting gear, change tires and control the lights and sounds of a fire truck in this fun, interactive fire safety exhibit. Put out the flames of a burning house by climbing an extension ladder and spraying water hoses that shoot real water!

How to Feed Your Dragon

JBK_1792Go on a mythical adventure and play with four 15-foot tall multi-colored dragons!  Learn about the power of wind circulation by feeding your dragon multi-colored scarves.  Choose which dragons to feed watch the scarves zip through a system of tubes that travel up to the dragons in this roaring exhibit.

Pretty in Pink


Princesses get the royal treatment in this pink-on-pink damasked, French-inspired designed beauty salon. This majestic space is surrounded with rich, gold fabric and contains three royal thrones and three custom matched mirrors so every princess will feel like the center of the universe.

Brooklyn General Store


Stop and shop, sip on some ice cream soda and chat with the locals in this replica 1950’s market. With pretend play food sets and a vegetable stand that has the green thumb of approval, children can use their shopping carts to pick up the groceries and place them on a functional conveyor belt where imagination comes to life.

Graffiti Studio


Dancers, explorers and fun enthusiasts will reap the benefits of the purple and green, fully padded, urban-inspired graffiti room. With a glitter ball at the center and a noodle forest, kids can dance their way into the forest Katy Perry-style. This exhibit is accessible through tiered platforms for kids and ladders for adults to have their own dance party!

Gently Down the Stream

JBK_1771Make a big splash and immerse yourself in this hands-on water play station. Plunge into the forces and properties of water through a vortex as you steer your objects to ride the waves with ultimate hydropower. This exhibit is for children of all ages.

The Hardhat Zone

JBK_1639Put on your hardhats and vests and hop on Twinkle’s interactive bull dozers and construction zone. Form your own construction crew to dig deep in the rubble sand with shovels and trowels to uncover the gems that lie within Twinkle or reach new heights and build your own Brooklyn Bridge today!

Young MacDonald’s Barnyard


With a moo-moo here, and a baa-baa there, cluck-cluck here and oink-oink there, little farmers, 18 months and younger, can do a do-si-do in this enclosed fully padded, white picket fence barnyard. Young MacDonalds can explore the farmer’s barn and peek into the animals that live there. Yee-haw! Floor seating is available for nursing mothers to roundup their little farmers.

Twinkle Toes Event Room_MG_5432

This 600 square foot multipurpose room houses birthday parties and events. The event room converts into a stage to host performances and other special events.  Check the website and like us on Facebook to stay tuned in on the latest events!


Twinkle Lounge

Parents and children can catch their breath from all the enchantment in their magical journey in the play space rest area. Food and drinks provided by the parent are permitted in the lounge. A microwave and a bottle warmer are available for parents’ use as well as a snack-filled vending machine. Free Wi-Fi is available for all Twinkle visitors. The Twinkle Lounge is a great place for parents to relax and socialize with other parents in the Williamsburg community while keeping a close eye on their gems.

Among Twinkle’s amenities, parents can experience the comfort of Twinkle’s 17 foot automated stroller carousel to accommodate stroller-parking needs. Kid-friendly restroom facilities are available for both boys and girls with accessibility to a baby changing station, a toddler toilet and toddler sinks.